The Walking Tour

It was a beautiful sunny Thursday in Havana, Cuba.  We woke up to a delicious breakfast, sat around, and just talked about the wonders of what was always unknown to us.  Today we were set for a walking tour- we had to be ready by 11:30 (which some of us were) but our guide still had to wait on us.  Did you honestly think 8 females would be ready on time? I packed my sandals, put on my sneakers, grabbed some water, and we headed out.

We started our journey in the neighborhood we were staying at, Vedado. We saw the John Lennon Park and took some group pictures.  We than took a cab to Malécon and went walking towards Old Havana.  Jose (a different Jose, the third one we met), was our guide and told us the History of Havana.  I was interested but we stopped several times to take pictures (because we had to document everything we did. Kind of like nursing- if it’s not charted, it didn’t happen).  Jose was not impressed and kept telling us to keep walking.  Poor guy, we should have warned him.  Anyways, I enjoyed listening to the stories but it was hot as hell!!! I think after 20 minutes, my pictures were just a sweaty mess… take a look!

Okay, so I didn’t add a lot of pictures of me sweating, but you can see we did a lot of walking.  There was so much color and historical buildings.  They were beautiful in their own old traditional way. Havana has a lot of history- do your homework.

After the walking tour we had a not so great lunch.  Needed more flavor if you ask me.  This restaurant was our first real taste of the stories you hear about the bathrooms. No toilet seats, no toilet paper, community hand soap.  Thank goodness I came prepared. And FYI- it is rare to find those type of bathrooms in Havana, it is a lot better now.

One thing I absolutely loved about Old Havana was the music everywhere.  Random bands, playing beautiful salsa music.  The bands were mixed, Older folks, younger folks, flute players, conga player, guitar- a bit of it all. Of course, while you are in Old Havana, look around at their art- it’s Spectacular.

After our time in Old Havana, we wanted to make a detour before returning home.  “Fusterlandia.”  Its a beautiful neighborhood decorated in mosaic art created by José Fuster.  Unfortunately, it was closed when we got there but I do suggest anyone who likes art to visit this place.  It’s open 9:30-4:30, but call because they might be having a private event or just closed (which happened to us, we tried to visit twice and it was closed both times).  We did get a chance to explore the neighborhood. José Fuster left his mark on everything.

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