And then there was him

May 4th, it was a Thursday night and the girls and I had just finished eating dinner. We wanted to party that night and asked our cab driver to bring us to a certain club. He had been working all day and stopped at this hip trendy spot “Sarao” instead. He turned to us and straight up said “I am sorry but I am very tired. I am going to leave you here; they play good music, have drinks, and it’s up the road from where you are staying.” I get it, driving around 8 females who take forever would make me tired too.

But Remind me later to thank him.

We walk up to the door; the vibe reminds me of a New York City night club. The host says “10 CUC cover- there is a band playing.” I turn to the girls and say lets go. We walk in, not yet crowded so we head straight to the bar. $3 drinks is what it’s all about in Cuba, except for Jessica- who ordered some special whiskey and ended up paying damn near $20. Please note: Don’t ask for those type of drinks… Oh and Tito’s are $15-No thank you! I’ll stick to my Cuba Libre!!!

We met some English speaking folks.  This one guy was dancing with some woman but blowing kisses to one of my friends.  Can we say Thirsty??? Guess you can’t ditch thirsty dudes wherever you go. But overall, the music was on point.  I have to say- it has been awhile since I danced at a club.

About an hour later, many pictures, and a few drinks in, the band comes on to play. We head to the front to dance and that’s when I noticed him. I see this gorgeous trumpet player, concentrating hard. I could not look away. He was so damn fine. I was sure he noticed me staring but I just stood there (maybe a two step here and there) but I couldn’t move and I could not take my eyes off of him.

I tell my friend Jessica to check him out as I was obviously pointing in his direction. He finally caught me and our eyes locked.  The way he stared back, his eyes spoke to me.  He touched my soul before I even knew his name.  The rest of the people in the room disappeared and I just kept staring. I didn’t care how obvious I was at that point- he was a beautiful Cuban man. My Cuban fantasy. But was he the husband I kept saying I was going to find in Cuba????


I watched him the entire time. Shit, I was obsessed. I HAD to find out his name. So when the band was finished, and he put his trumpet away, I thought to myself- I couldn’t let him leave without saying hi. I walked right up to him as he was headed out and said “Hola, como estas? Yo quiero saber tú nombre. Tu estas my lindo y no puedo para mirando at ti.” (Yes, I know not great spanish- but if he spoke english it would have sounded like this: Hey, how are you? I wanted to ask your name? I think you are very good looking and I just couldn’t stop looking at you- it is nice to meet you.”) He had a gorgeous smile. He seemed a bit shy but he thanked me and told me his name. (It wasn’t until he wrote it in my phone that I actually knew his name… Luis). I am not sure how, but we exchanged numbers. I want to say that I asked him if he was married and he said no that he was single. I told him I would like to see him again and that I would call him. He walked out the door and I started to float on cloud 9.

He was all I could think about from that moment on.  You ever just instantly feel a spark and had to have that feeling continue.  It was a bit like that, a drug if you must compare.  I was instantly hooked and I knew I had to see him again.

Once he left, I grabbed the rest of the girls and we started on our 2 mile walk home- Yea you see Jose, the cab driver, forgot to mention how far the walk was. But I wasn’t mad at him.  If it wasn’t for him just giving up on driving us around, I would have never crossed path with my Cubano.  Plus we had directions- Thank goodness for Galileo pro maps!!!


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