Would you have gone Horseback riding?

The next day we were set to travel hours to go horseback riding. Me on a horse? That’s a no brainer, and you guessed it, I decided I wasn’t going to go. I truly am NOT a fan of horses. Never had been.  I just paid what was due and probably would have hiked it while everyone rode their horse.  Or while riding the horse, I would have been that girl that just complained.

I woke up at 6AM and told the girls- Listen, I just do not want to go horse back riding.  It is not something I will enjoy.  I am going to stay home (on all fairness- I paid what I owed for the cab ride).  Once everyone left, I went back to sleep. In fact, I slept until noon, woke up, and had a small breakfast by myself.  It was nice. It was peaceful. I ended up calling Luis and telling him I never went to Trinidad and that I wanted to see him. He agreed to hang out and told me he would meet me at my AirBNB.  My nerves were a wreck.  Why was I so nervous to be around this guy, yet so comfortable at the same time?

Luis called me when he was outside.  I want to say my heart was pounding.  But as soon as I saw him and hugged him hello, I was calm.  We walked all around Vedado and he showed me around. Vedado is a nice, quiet part of Havana.  The buildings were old and beautiful.  We walked down Malécon, talked and stopped at this small bar to have a drink (water only).  We started to learn each other and it felt so natural.  Now I will admit, my Spanish is not perfect so there were plenty of times we used the dictionary to figure each other out. I remember this little boy, about 9 years old, coming up to us to ask for “un peso.” Luis took over and said, I will give you a dollar but a Cuban dollar. The kid frowned at us and said but I heard you guys talking English.  The kid was trying to hustle for a CUC (worth way more than a Cuban dollar- CUP).


I had no complaints about our date. We left the bar, walked, talked, held hands and it felt right. Occasionally, we would sit and just talk about anything. For example; I remember telling him how I rarely see women driving in Havana.  I found that interesting. And of course, he asked about women drivers in the US.  I told him , I AM a GREAT driver.  No, for real- I am.

Anyways, we came around Malécon and watched the waves splash over Havanas wall.  As I turned to him, he grabbed me and we kissed. It was soft, sweet, and perfect. Ever fall in love at first sight? I am almost sure I was falling at first kiss. (I just kept denying it). I haven’t felt like that in a long time. Lust or Love- I enjoyed every moment.

We kept walking hand in hand, so comfortable with each other as if we were a couple. [And honestly, at that moment I wanted to be]. There was just something about him that felt so right. I kept telling myself I may never see him again and so I didn’t want to let go.

Eventually the date ended.  He walked me to my door and told me he hopes to see me tonight at Cangrejo.  Not sure what that word meant, he saw my confusion and ended up referencing Sponge Bob for me to understand.  I told him after his concert we will be alone. Side note: In the back of my mind, I wanted him alone and wasn’t planing on sleeping home that night. Luis smiled, gave me a kiss, and left to go to band rehearsal.

Later that night, I decided to grab dinner. I walked around as if I was a local and came across a restaurant called El Vimparo.  Food was so good that I bought an extra plate for the following day. As I walked around, I felt safe and, in a strange way, I felt at home.  That night I took a nap and took my time to get ready.  I did not want to go to a club alone. I waited for my friends to arrive but they never showed.  I ended up leaving by myself, left a note with the name and address of the club, and walked up the block to the main road to flagged down a cab.  The cab charged me $10 CUC which I did not care.  I am from New York so a $10 cab was nothing.

I arrived to the club and called Luis.  He was in the back and they were getting ready to start. I headed straight to the bar to grab a drink while he performed. I have never been in a club by myself but he was worth it. The bartender hooked me up when he noticed I was alone.  And let me tell you, there was a lot of young girls with these older extranjeros.  Just strange to me.

As I watched Luis play, I was so turned on.  This time he couldn’t see me as I was towards the back.  But I noticed him and just starred at this beautiful man.  Yep, I was definitely going home with him.  Mid way through, my friends found me. We talked and danced and they told me all about Trinidad.  They had fun and I am surprised they had enough energy to meet me.  Well, when in Cuba!


As soon as the concert was over, I look over and there he was looking to find me. He looked yummy as ever. I walked over to him and grabbed him.  He kissed me hello and introduced me to some band members.  We danced and kissed and danced some more. I never show PDA but with him I did not care. I Couldn’t get enough and I wanted more. At that point, we decided it was time to leave. Outside the club, I tell my friends I was not going home with them but they already knew. My friends speak some Spanish and as we grabbed them a cab they told Luis to have me home by 8. He responded 8:30 and we headed out.

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