Saying Good-bye to Havana

Call me later. I replayed that over and over again in my head. Of course I am going to call him, regardless of how much this phone bill is going to be.  My last full day in Cuba was long. Long because I never went to bed.  When I got home, I took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, and kept moving. The girls and I had a lot on our agenda.  We tried to visit Fursterlandia again, but it was closed AGAIN. Do yourself a favor if you try to visit… CALL first. Make sure they are open.  After our failed attempted, we were dropped off in Old Havana- Calle Hamel.  It is a small ally way that offers live music on Sundays.  And of course some hustle for the tourist.  It was cute but I was so hot that I could not fully enjoy myself. Plus I was lacking sleep.  We met some guys and they got us in this small hidden bar.  Everyone got a drink, and I walked away with an ashtray for one of the girls.

We left the ally way and walked all over Havana going souvenir shopping and trying to buy cigars.  I was not interested but I do remember ending up in someones house and waiting in the living room until the girls finally made their purchase. Once we left there, we bought some souvenirs and took pictures.

After walking for about a few hours, we finally ended up at the beach- just before sundown. I could not wait to get in the water, I was hot, sleepy, and ready to relax.  The water was beautiful. I felt beautiful, I felt at peace. I could have stayed in the water all day, except we got there super late and there wasn’t much sun left. But I was good. I was in my happy place- Only one person missing that was close, yet so far. I got out the water and decided to give him a call.  His “Hello” gave me the butterflies and the smirk on my face said it all.

He told me how he wanted to spend more time with me and that he hopes we keep in touch.  I remember thinking “why?” I can’t like this guy, he lives in Cuba.  I live too far and it’s hard to travel there.  So  I fought the feeling.  I wasn’t going to get caught up.  We end the conversations with the hopes that we will speak again.  Yea, I plan on calling him, how long it will last no one knows.  I brushed it off, I shut my eyes and took a nap.

That night we went out to eat for our last night in Havana.  The food was good, the water was even better (imported water, I like that shit!). We all mention a high moment and a low moment.  I do not remember my low moment, but knowing me I made it about not being able to see my son for a few days.  My high… That COUCH moment!!!!  The check came and it was time to party one last time.

Side note: Don t be a change counter. If we all had drinks and a meal and yours came to $11.37 cents, just give us $12. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE CHANGE!!!

Okay I am back… Partying on a Sunday wasn’t the greatest.  We went to some nice looking club. Drinks were good, music was alright, and the people were laid back.  Now I am not sure if it was because I was still tired or if the crowd wasn’t hyped enough, but I wanted to fall out.  What happened after that I do not remember, not because I was drunk but because it was nothing special- except when we got to the house. But those pictures will remain hidden.


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