Back in the States

Just to start…. my flight back to the US was the worst flight ever. The turbulence had me sick, and did I mention I hate flying? When I landed, I was so sad. How can this be? I barely knew him yet I still felt a strong connection. I wanted to be with him. It was bad.


Ever fight with yourself about something that seemed too good to be true but you wanted it? That’s how I felt for the next few weeks. I denied how much I missed him and how much I liked him. My friend knew the truth, she heard it in the way I spoke about him and my face always gave it away. Long story short- we would talk every day, email, or wrote on Facebook. We would “FaceTime” on Facebook but the connection sucks sometimes, but we made it work. I spoke to that man every day and fell for him just as fast. I am not new to long distant relationships, but I am new to international love. And never google international love because many people seem to only write about the bad shit that happens. As if no one on this earth has a successful relationship with an international lover, let alone a Cuban. Well, if so, then I’ll gladly take the challenge to be the first!!

Let me give you a little inside of how hard communication is with Luis.  I can’t text him, I can’t email him or hit him up on Facebook and expect a quick response.  Dating Luis has taught me to pick up my phone and CALL the guy. Yes, your girl actually calls him and he calls me. Another newbie for me. Anyways, the phone calls are expensive, even with a calling card so he usually tries to connect once a day. We exchange emails when he connects and I’m sleeping or at work (I am a LnD nurse working nights) Shout out to my Good Sammie Chicas!!!!)


Okay back to the internet. So for Luis to connect, he has to walk 2 miles to the hot spot. So listen ladies, if a man says he doesn’t have time to text you- tell them my Cuban boo story. If he can’t make a quick simple text, then I don’t want it!!!! Luis, he either emails me or hits me up on Facebook, no matter how busy his day gets.  I like Facebook messenger- one reason- I can see if he connected when I wasn’t on. Okay that last sentence sounded stalker-ish but you know what I mean, plus I’m a latina- I can have one or two stalker moments.

I think what gets me most is that he is such a handsome man, why wouldn’t he want someone there? I think in the beginning I asked him that at least once a week.  His response- “Te amo mucho y eso nada ni nadie lo impedira.” (I love you very much and that nothing and no one will stop it).  How quickly I was falling for this man. He just knew what to say. I should be telling you that I didn’t fall for the long distance man, that he was too far and I may never see him again, but go back to my first blog. I told you I listen to my heart and not my brain, that I do the opposite of the advice I get. I AM NOT A RELATIONSHIP GURU!!!!!! And because of that, I fell for a wonderful Cuban musician. He is smart, sweet, sensitive, and sexy. Excuse me while I take a break- thinking about him got me hot!!!!

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