Falling in love from a distance

With the endless email and calling card phone calls, I fell for this man fast. And he has no problem telling me how he feels about me. He is very open and vocal about his feelings. This was new to me as the men in my past were always closed, shut down, and just did not care at all. This new love, however, it felt great yet a bit scary. HE WAS FAR AWAY!!

I think I asked him like twice a week why he wants a relationship with me knowing he can’t come visit me and knowing there are other females out there, closer and easier to be with. He repeatedly says he only has eyes for me, but I still ask- reassurance?

I remember asking him “You are a very good looking guy, how do you stop temptation?”
His reply: “I don t have temptation, I only want you. You have to trust me like I trust you. I know you have temptation out there but I trust you.” (He got me with the oikee doke).
Of course, I hit him with the “I don’t have temptation here.” Which I am not lying on that one.
His poetic response: Exactly, the temptation is negative, I don’t want you to think negative, you have to be positive. All positive thoughts in order for us to work.
Do I believe what he says? Yes, I believe it. Nothing has made me second guess him and right now I am living in my fantasy world so haters get off this train if you don’t plan on enjoying the ride with me!!!!

Anyways, don’t google Cuban love stories, those stories are crazy. Who knows I might end up like on of those scary stories, or I might end up in my own wonderful fantasy story, either way, I plan on writing about it. Plus, I don’t have any doubts. (Again I think with my heart) but usually, my heart would sink or break a bit if I start to feel anything negative. So far so good and I hope it never changes.

Side Note: June 14, 2017- Just two days before #45 makes (or breaks) my future travel plans to Cuba. Tears filled my eyes just thinking about it. Will I be banned from visiting this beautiful Country? Will I not be able to see my love again? Will we have to meet in Canada and rely on phone calls to hold us down? I hope and pray he doesn’t change anything or at least not make it difficult to travel there. I hate #45 and this will make me loathe him to the max.

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