Guess where I am going?

Yup, back to Cuba. I booked a trip in July with a friend of mine, who was bringing a friend. I told her way in advance that this trip was for me to see Luis yet she still wanted to come. So we got an AIRBnB between Havana and the beach and away we went.

For those of you in love, you ever fall deeper in love or fall in love all over again when you see your man/woman after being apart? Well that was the feeling I got when I saw Luis at the airport. He was just as beautiful as I left him. And ladies, I exhaled when we hugged. The way he looks at me, it melts me.  I truly love his eyes.

We arrived at our AirBnB. The owner showed us around and we got comfortable. Luis told me he had a gig 3 hours away in Matanzas and that I could come. I asked my friends if they were cool with me leaving and without hesitation they told me to go. I changed and we left. The ride to Matanzas was nice. We got to talk and learn about each other with a smooch here and there. Just to feel his warmth next to me was nice. We arrived at the venue. It was nice, old school trendy.  We had some time to kill so we just hang out.  I listened to sound check, had a quick bite to eat with Luis and some of the band, and we sat backstage just hanging out until it was time for them to play. Want to see what #TeamNoSleep looks like?? This is me after being awake for 24 hours after only sleeping for 2 hours prior to that.


I had a blast partying with the band.  I hung out in the crowd and was just a fan. He turns me on playing that trumpet. Just something about him made me giggle like a little girl.

The next day, Luis had another gig someplace far and so I stayed back and hung out with my friend who came along for the adventure. We explored Havana, ate food that she wasn’t a fan of, and drank cold cocoa. (Not me- I’m lactose intolerant so that was a no for me). Back at the beach house we socialized and drank and got ready to eat dinner and hang out. The night the dinner was on point. I never seem to write these restaurants down. I am bad with that. The club we went to was… can’t remember the name of it either. It looked like a gymnasium with a stage though and the music was great. Salsa, reggaeton, American music. I don’t think we stopped dancing. Do I feel bad that I was out partying while Luis was working. No, should I have? I don t think so. I treat Havana as if it was my second home. If I was there full time, there would be times where I go out and enjoy myself without Luis and vice versa. That can make for a healthy relationship I feel. I just personally don’t dance with anyone. Just make sure you go home by yourself ladies. For me that wasn’t too hard. Besides I didn’t sleep alone, my homegirl shared a bed with me because her friend- well lets just say, SHE didn’t go home alone 😉

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