Is it a Vacation?

Not anymore. Visiting Luis, it’s more about spending time with HIM. Yes we go out, we have fun, and see new things. But in reality, we spend time just learning eachother. When I am there, we hang out with his friends or family, we hang out alone in the AirBnB house, cooking and just chilling. I needed that and could not let too much time pass from my last visit.  So in August, I went to go visit him with a 12 hour noticed. What happened was, we planned to meet in Canada. He was going to perform in a concert but his manager canceled it the day before. I had to see him and so I did. With a little searching, frequent flyer points, and my “Canada spending money” I purchased a ticket 12 hours before I was due to leave.

Now hear me out, Visiting Cuba is NOT expensive. The flights cost just as much to visit Florida. Cheaper than Texas on some days, and probably a bit more than visiting North Carolina. But the stay is about $25/day plus the food. Well, Luis takes care of that except when I want my princess moment and I tell him to take me to an expensive place. For them, their weekly pay is about the same as an ultimate feast at Red Lobster. So you could imagine how much pride my man has to swallow when I say, Don’t worry, I got this.

Now, in Order for me to visit Luis, I have to take on-call and work about 4 hours of the on-call to make up for the flight. Last time, I came home with damn near all my spending money because like I mentioned before, this isn’t a vacation for me anymore and we do things as if I was there all the time. So with the money I save, I use that to book the next trip. But, with this random, quick planning trip (I was suppose to go to Canada but that got canceled, so thats how I had the funds).

What I was not prepared for, was that this trip I met his family.  They are amazing, sweet, warm, inviting, friendly.  I also saw where he grew up and ate dinner with everyone. I met so many people this trip.  However, I am shy when it comes to speaking Spanish, so his family probably thinks I don’t talk much. But my friends and family know that isn’t the case.

One thing that developed during this trip was the real love we have for each other.  I remember him whispering in my ear “Yolanda C*******.” I loved the way it sounded. I probably would have married him on the spot if it was that easy but I knew one thing had to happy.  He has to meet my son. I needed to see their chemistry.  I already had my trip planned for September but Rylan did not have a passport so I had to figure out when they can meet.  Spoiler alert*** They do meet!

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