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Is it a Vacation?

Not anymore. Visiting Luis, it's more about spending time with HIM. Yes we go out, we have fun, and see new things. But in reality, we spend time just learning eachother. When I am there, we hang out with his friends or family, we hang out alone in the AirBnB house, cooking and just chilling.... Continue Reading →

Guess where I am going?

Yup, back to Cuba. I booked a trip in July with a friend of mine, who was bringing a friend. I told her way in advance that this trip was for me to see Luis yet she still wanted to come. So we got an AIRBnB between Havana and the beach and away we went.... Continue Reading →

Saying Good-bye to Havana

Call me later. I replayed that over and over again in my head. Of course I am going to call him, regardless of how much this phone bill is going to be.  My last full day in Cuba was long. Long because I never went to bed.  When I got home, I took a shower,... Continue Reading →

Our first… date?

Going to bed the night I met Luis was tough.  I was too busy floating, I could not come down to get a good night sleep.  Therefore, the next morning was a blur.  I want to say some of the girls and I went on a two mile jog, came home, had our hot breakfast... Continue Reading →

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