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The Walking Tour

It was a beautiful sunny Thursday in Havana, Cuba.  We woke up to a delicious breakfast, sat around, and just talked about the wonders of what was always unknown to us.  Today we were set for a walking tour- we had to be ready by 11:30 (which some of us were) but our guide still... Continue Reading →


Since I was in High School, I have always dreamt of visiting Cuba. I had this silent connection with Cuba and it is weird because I am not even Cuban. Im 100% Puerto Rican (BORIQUA!!!!, Well, NuYorRican!) So, to talk about this connection is hard for me. I didn’t know anyone who travelled there before,... Continue Reading →

Who is Yoli?

You are probably wondering who I am and what my site is all about.  Well first, I am a mother to a wonderful five year old (see picture below) He is my all.  I am also a labor and delivery nurse and I am the girlfriend to an amazing man, who I cannot wait to... Continue Reading →

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